Project Overview

DEMOCRASI is the second project launched by Bracebridge Generation, under parent company Lakeland Holding, and uses the assets of the initial SPEEDIER project. For this project, Bracebridge Generation has again partnered with Opus One, using their Grid-OS® Optimization Engine, and also Kiwi Power, to integrate their Core Aggregator Platform. The result is a joint product solution that allows the assets to participate in the electricity markets in a way that is safe for the grid, giving utilities visibility of all assets, and also allowing for local markets, such as peak shaving.

Power Forward Challenge

The project is funded by the Power Forward Challenge, hosted jointly by NRCAN and BEIS. DEMOCRASI is one of three Canadian and 4 UK projects chosen by the Challenge, which includes a competition between the 7 participants for a $1M prize.

Power Forward Challenge

The project will showcase the joint product solution in both Ontario and UK markets. The IESO Capacity Auction will provide the market for the operational deployment simulation on a single feeder in Lakeland Power Distribution’s grid located in Parry Sound, and the IEEE network model will be simulating the solution under UK STOR market rules.

Technical Innovation


Dispatchable Energy Market Optimized Constraint Real-time Aggregated System Interface

Network operators cannot see or optimise the behaviour of the Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) connected to the electricity network. A large increase in uptake in DERs is expected and their behaviour can cause operational problems (e.g. outages and asset degradation). The solution is to give system operators, network operators, and aggregators more control and visibility of DERs and manage their behaviour within the limits of the network.

Use Cases