Introducing one of the world’s most
innovative smart energy projects.

Dispatchable Energy Market Optimized Constraint Real-time Aggregated System Interface

A Project of


Project Overview

DEMOCRASI connects people and technology.

Project DEMOCRASI aims to create a unique product by integrating, simulating, testing and deploying the joint technology solution and value proposition across two demonstration sites, one in Lakeland Power’s service area in Ontario and the other in the UK.

Technical Innovation

“Innovation in the electrical industry is changing at a rapid pace. We at Lakeland Holding have challenged ourselves to become innovation leaders. We look forward to working with our partners to successfully carry out one of Canada’s most innovative projects.”

Meet the Team

The Assets

The project solution will manage a variety of DERs, including behind-the-meter assets and larger utility-grade resources. These will provide bulk level services with optimized scheduling to ensure the assets are operating within the LDCs operational limits.

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